ESP Implementation Kit Materials

Overview of steps for new sites installing ESP for case reporting

  • A kick-off meeting will be planned

    • Appropriate IT staff and identified point person from the site should be present

    • The implementation kit materials will be provided in advance  

  • During kick-off meeting

    • Develop a timeline

    • Review all materials and processes

  • Site will provide an annotated copy of the File Spec on what they can/can’t report, important notes, etc.

    • Site will provide a list with detailed descriptions of encounter types

  • Discussion of specific data elements of interest with sites will occur at the kick off or subsequent meeting

ESP Implementation Overview

Installation and Configuration

Process Roles and Responsibilities

  • This document outlines roles among DPH, clinical site, Commonwealth Informatics, and Dept of Population Medicine

File Spec

  • This document describes which EMR fields are necessary for ESP operation and case reporting, format of variables, and table structure

Technical Specifications for ESP

How To Install ESP

Release Notes and Upgrade Instructions for ESP

Documents Helpful for Configuring and Running ESP

Data Extract Testing v1.5.pdf

  • This document includes information on how to validate the data load from the clinical site EMR

ESP Abstract Lab Mapping Information for Notifiable Conditions.xlsx

  • This document outlines how to map specific clinical site lab test names to abstract lab concepts in ESP

How to Configure ESP Error Handling & Database Auditing

ESP ETL Data Load & Processing Diagram


Case Reporting

ESP Implementation Roadmap_v1.2

  • This document describes in detail how DPH and clinical site work together to validate messages and case information sent from ESP into the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN)

Validation Guidance_v1.0

  • This document suggests a format on how sites should validate the cases created in ESP

LOINC-SNOMED Mapping Document 20190222.xlsx

  • This document describes LOINC and SNOMED mapping to be completed by clinical site within the Health Information Reporting Portal (HIRP)

ESP Algorithms Full List home page and FAQ